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JeetBuzz casino allows you to gain gambling experience while playing your favorite Sic Bo online. With JeetBuzz you will have unlimited access to the Sic Bo such as Evo Super Sic Bo, PP Mega Sic Bo, Venus Sic Bo-Table1 and PT SicBo Deluxe! As a distinctive advantage – you can multiply your winnings with the Welcome Bonuses applicable for JeetBuzz Sic Bo section. All payments can be processed in BDT. Don’t hesitate to try playing your favorite Sic Bo game via JeetBuzz casino now!

For games on Jeetbuzz, choose Sic Bo.

How to Start Playing Sic Bo at JeetBuzz?

To start playing Sic Bo with the JeetBuzz Casino, all you need to do is create JeeBuzz new account Casino. Also, consider that the account must be See a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Open the JeetBuzz official website and click ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Fill in the fields with the data required: username, password, country of registration, language.
  3. Finish the registration process by clicking ‘Sign Up’.
  4. Go to ‘Casino’ section at the top of the JeetBuzz main page.
  5. Find the drop-down list with available filters for the casino games section.
  6. Choose ‘Sic Bo’ game type.
  7. Choose your favorite Sic Bo game to start playing.
Go to the casino section of Jeetbuzz to play Sic Bo.

JeetBuzz Sic Bo Games

JeetBuzz casino offers a huge variety of Sic Bo games available both for newcomers and for professional players. All Sic Bo can be filtered by a game’s provider and can be played from PC desktop version and remotely via JeetBuzz casino App as well. The list of the best Sic Bo available at JeetBuzz casino is presented below.

JeetBuzz App to Play Sic Bo

If you feel more comfortable playing your favorite Sic Bo games while staying on remote access, you should JeetBuzz official mobile App. JeetBuzz App is 100% free and ready to be installed on both Android and iOS devices. JeetBuzz App offers its players all the sections, the official website does, for instance: sportsbook, esports, live stream matches, casino and live casino. In-app chat is available; however, you can use other means of communication with JeetBuzz customer support team to solve your issues. The guide on how to download JeetBuzz App for your device is given below.

JeetBuzz Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is one of the oldest, but also one of the most popular and sought-after casino games. It stands out for its simple rules, dice roll, entertaining theme, and multiple betting options. Sic Bo game was originated in ancient China and has since spread to casinos around the world. It’s a dice game that’s played with three dice, and the objective is to predict the outcome of the roll. Another important Sic Bo rule to know is the use of a transparent dice shaker, which allows players to see the dice being rolled. This adds an element of excitement and transparency to the game, as players can watch the dice bounce around inside the shaker before the result is revealed.

Keep in mind that Sic Bo is a game of pure luck, which makes it even more attractive to players.

Learn the rules of Sic Bo on Jeetbuzz.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

One of the unique features of Sic Bo is the variety of betting options available. Players can bet on specific numbers, combinations of numbers, or ranges of numbers. The payouts vary depending on the probability of the outcome, with higher payouts offered for less likely outcomes.

Find out how to bet on Sic Bo on Jeetbuzz.

JeetBuzz Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

Then, Sic Bo doesn’t require much skill or knowledge, as the outcome is purely based on chance. But players can improve their chances of winning by applying tips and tricks during the game session as outlined below:

  1. Choose bets with a lower house edge and managing their bankroll effectively.
  2. Bet differently! Betting on specific numbers, combinations of numbers, or ranges of numbers will increase and vary your final payouts as the result of playing Sic Bo.
  3. Use 1-3-2-4 betting strategy. The strategy involves increasing your bet amount in a certain order. Simply put, if you start with a bet of BDT 1, your second bet should be BDT 3, followed by BDT 2 and BDT 4. If you win, you move on to the next bet. If, on the other hand, you lose, you have to go back to the beginning. If you won the first two bets, your winnings are guaranteed.
Get tips from other Sic Bo players on Jeetbuzz.

Sic Bo Providers

When choosing among the list of Sic Bo available at JeetBuzz casino, you can use filters depending on the game’s provider presented at the JeetBuzz casino. At JeetBuzz casino you can find the following games’ providers for Sic Bo:

  • Evolution Gaming;
  • PT Gaming;
  • PP Gaming;
  • VENUS Casino games;
  • Sexy games’ solution.
We will cover the Sic Bo game providers on Jeetbuzz.

JeetBuzz Casino Bonuses

If you want to multiply your winnings at Sic Bo games, with JeetBuzz casino you can do it via Welcome bonuses, Cashback bonuses, Referral bonuses and seasonal promotions for Free Spins as well. All JeetBuzz bonuses can be found in ‘Promotions’ section at the top of the main page. The ones that can be used in Sic Bo are presented below:

  • 25% cashback bonus for Casino games (Sic Bo indeed). With a cashback bonus you can receive 25% refund on your total losses on any live casino and Sic Bo. The minimum deposit amount is BDT 500. The maximum refund amount is BDT 1,777. To be eligible to receive a bonus you need to be registered within the JeetBuzz casino as a client and meet the wagering requirements set for the bonus. Wagering requirements are set at 10x of bets’ turnover. Once you will meet the qagering requirements, you will see the refunded money in your bonus balance account.
  • Referral bonus to BDT 2,400 + 3 FS Gift. To benefit from the JeetBuzz casino Referral bonuses, you need to invite your friend via social media, such as Telegram, Facebook group or simply by sharing your Jeetbuzz refer code. As a result, you will get up to BDT 2,400 bonus and up to 3 Free Spins to play in any games except for Ludobet game. There is no minimum deposit and zero wagering requirements set to you to receive a BDT 2,400 in free bets!
  • Free Lucky Spins. With the bonus on Free Spins you can receive 5 Free Lucky Spins to use them in on any Exchange Premium, I-Sports, and JB Sports market with odds at least 1.5 and more. The JeetBuzz Minimum deposit amount is BDT 1,000. The maximum Free Spins amount is 5. To be eligible to receive a bonus you need to be registered within the JeetBuzz casino as a client and meet the wagering requirements which are set at 15x of bets’ turnover. Please note that bets placed on any Exchange Match Odds and Bookmaker market don’t participate in the promotion.
Jeetbuzz is giving bonuses to Sic Bo players.


Is it legal to play Sic Bo in Bangladesh?

Yes. playing Sic Bo is 100% safe for Bangladeshi players, which can be easily checked and proven by the license received by JeetBuzz. Plus, JeetBuzz complies with the Anti-Money laundering regulation established for all online casinos. More information regarding the data compliance of JeetBuzz can be found in the ‘Rules’ section on the JeetBuzz official website.

How Can I win at Sic Bo JeetBuzz?

Yes, Sic Bo is a great game to start with your gambling experience. Compared to other casino games, Sic Bo offers a relatively low house edge, especially for certain bets. For example, the house edge for the “small” bet (which wins if the total of the three dice is 4-10) is just 2.78%, making it a relatively attractive option for players looking to minimize their expected losses.

Can I play Sic Bo at JeetBuzz for Free?

In JeetBuzz casino you will have access to all the Sic Bo varieties absolutely for free! Alll you need to keep in mind is the minimum deposit which is equal to BDT 500.

Is Sic Bo game real or fake?

The game is 100% real since Sic Bo is offered by many authorized game providers, such as Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play. It is also very popular game which is offered not only by JeetBuzz casino, but other licensed online casino platforms as well.


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