JeetBuzz Official License

JeetBuzz has an official license issued by the Curaço Gambling Commission. This document confirms that the company is legal and adheres to the principles of fair play.

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Excluded Countries

The owner of the JeetBuzz brand is Aurora Holdings NV., a company operating under the laws and authority of Curacao. We strictly comply with online gambling regulations and hold an international gaming license Curacao №8048/JAZ. This Jeetbuzz license confirms that we comply with the laws of the countries where we offer our services and that we act in strict compliance with fair gaming practices towards our players. The following countries are exceptions: the Netherlands, Curaçao, Australia, France and the Dutch West Indies. Here the license holder cannot provide services.

If the customer feels that he has not been treated fairly, he can appeal to the Curacao Gaming Commission.

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Waiver of Brand Ownership

Brands that obtain a Curacao license are not under the ownership or operation of the gaming commission. The commission does not have any involvement in decision-making processes and does not hold any financial or other interests in promoting a specific brand. It cannot be held accountable for the actions taken by such companies, even if they are illegal or unlawful. The responsibility for any such actions lies solely with the company’s management.

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The intellectual property of the Curaçao Gaming Commission encompasses all trademarks, logos, and names displayed on this page. However, the logo of the licensed company and its domain name and title are exempted from this category.

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