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Online lotteries have gained popularity in Bangladesh in recent years, but it is important to be cautious while choosing a trustworthy platform to play. For that reason JeetBuzz casino will be a great choice for Bangladeshi players due to its legitimacy that and data protection software. With JeetBuzz you will have unlimited access to the lotteries provided by the SABA game provider: Happy 5, Lotto, RNG Keno, Number Game and many others! As a distinctive advantage – you can multiply your winnings with an Extra Bonus 1.5% to any of your deposit to the Lotteyr section! All payments can be proceeding in BDT. Don’t hesitate to try playing your favorite lotteries via JeetBuzz casino now!

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How to Start Playing Lottery?

To start playing Lotteries with the JeetBuzz Casino, all you need to do is to Sign Up with the JeetBuzz Casino. Follow the guide below to start playing your favourite lotteries with JeetBuzz casino: 

  1. Go to the JeetBuzz official website and click ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Choose the registration methods: in one-click, by email, by phone, via social networks or extended.
  3. Fill in the fields with the data required.
  4. Confirm that you are above 18 y.o. by placing a checkmark nearby Terms & Conditions.
  5. Finish the registration process by clicking ‘Sign Up’.
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Best Lottery Games

With JeetBuzz casino you can have unlimited access to the numerous lottery games, provided by the SABA game provider: Happy 5, Lotto, RNG Keno, Number Game and many others. The latter games total contribution, which means the percentage of bets inside the Game that contribute to wagering requirements, are 0%. The full list of lotteries available at JeetBuzz casino can be found in ‘Lottery’ section at the top of the main page. The list of lottery games available at JeetBuzz casino is given below:

  • SABA Happy 5;
  • SABA Lottery;
  • SABA RNG Keno;
  • SABA Lotto;
  • SABA Number Game;
  • SABA Table Game.
We share the best Lottery games on JeetBuzz.

App for Playing Lottery

If you feel more comfortable playing your favorite lotteries while staying on remote access, you should JeetBuzz mobile app. JeetBuzz App is 100% free and ready to be installed on both Android and iOS devices. JeetBuzz App offers its players all the sections, the official website does, for instance: sportsbook, esports, live stream matches, casino and live casino. In-app chat is available; also, you can use other means of communication with JeetBuzz customer support to solve your issues. The guide on how to install JeetBuzz App for your device is given below.

Lottery Games Providers

Since JeetBuzz casino is now in partnership with reliable game providers, the major provider for the Lotteries is SABA game provider. SABA is a licensed game provider which is passing annual audit check in part of AML compliance for casino game providers. The minimum age limit to play this lottery with SABA game provider is 18 years. All the winnings are subject to taxes. SABA game provider accepts all the available payment methods in Bangladesh and in JeetBuzz casino in particular. SABA is a secure game provider that protects all the user’s data in 256-bit encryption on MacAfee. This also secures all the payments and transaction data of JeetBuzz clients. SABA games’ interface is easy to understand because of its simplicity in manual navigation.

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Lottery Bonuses

Among the list of the bonuses, available for using at JeetBuzz Lotteries we can outline Welcome bonuses, Referral bonuses, Extra bonuses and Daily promotions as well. All JeetBuzz casino bonuses can be found in ‘Promotions’ section at the top of the main page. Bonuses which can be used in Lottery section are given below: 

  • Extra 1.5% deposit bonus;
  • Welcome bonus: Free Lucky Spins;
  • Welcome bonus: Free 7 Lucky Spins;
  • Referral bonus: BDT 2,400 for referring a friend;
  • Referral bonus: 3 Free Lucky Spins for joining Telegram group and stay notified;
  • Referral bonus: Free Lucky Spins for inviting 10 friends to JeetBuzz casino Facebook group;
  • Daily bonus: Daily Free Spins.
JeetBuzz gives bonuses to users for playing Lottery.


What is the best lottery game to start with?

According to the players’ feedback, Lotto by SABA provider is considered as the easiest way to start your gambling experience with JeetBuzz lotteries. With SABA Lotto you will need just to pick up a lottery ticket and wait for the results which will be shown on the screen.

Is there any strategy to win RNG Keno Lottery?

SABA RNG Keno strategy is based on the payout charts according to how many numbers you selected and how many of them are correct. You need to keep in mind that only 3 numbers may offer the best overall return. On a different pay chart, 8 numbers is your best odds. This can be used as a strategy for winning RNG Keno.

What are the local lotteries in Bangladesh?

Among the most demanded lotteries within the Bangladeshi gambling market we can outline the following: RNG Keno, Happy 5 and Lotto. All of them are available at JeetBuzz casino Lottery section.

Are online lotteries in Bangladesh safe?

Yes. Online Lotteries are 100% safe for Bangladeshi players, which can be easily checked and proofed by the license received by JeetBuzz. Plus, JeetBuzz complies with the AML regulation established for all online casinos. More information regarding the data compliance of JeetBuzz can be found in the ‘Rules’ section on the JeetBuzz official website.


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