JeetBuzz Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to Withdraw Money from JeetBuzz?

Follow these easy procedures to withdraw cash from JeetBuzz:

  1. Please sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Cashier” area.
  3. Choose “Withdrawal” and your desired payment method.
  4. To finish the withdrawal, enter the amount and follow the steps.

Can I Register at JeetBuzz Two Times?

No, establishing a second JeetBuzz account is not permitted since it violates the platform’s terms and conditions, which restrict the establishment of multiple accounts by a single user.

Can I Download the JeetBuzz App for Free?

Yes, the platform has a free JeetBuzz app for Android and iOS, which can be downloaded from the website and provides mobile access to the platform’s gaming and betting services.

Is It Safe to Bet and Play at JeetBuzz?

Yes, betting and playing at JeetBuzz is secure and safe. The platform has a Curacao license, offering a safe and trustworthy betting and gambling environment for users of the platform.

How to Get the Bonus at JeetBuzz?

To get the bonus, just pick it up during the registration procedure. To go through with the Jeetbuzz first deposit bonus, you will need to make a deposit with the appropriate amount required for the deposit and to follow the conditions.

How to Delete My JeetBuzz Account?

To delete your account at JeetBuzz, please contact customer support, who will walk you through the processes required to terminate your account if necessary.

Does JeetBuzz Provide Promo Code?

Yes, the JeetBuzz refer code is “PROMO,” and it may be used to access special bonuses and promotions as part of your stay at the platform.

What To Do if I Forgot My Password?

If you forget your password, you may reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password” option on the login page, enabling you to easily recover access to your account.

Do I Need to Create Another Account to Play JeetBuzz Casino?

No, you do not need to register another account to play Jeetbuzz online casino, and having more than one account is against the rules since the platform firmly maintains one account per user restriction.

What is the JeetBuzz Affiliate Program?

The JeetBuzz Affiliate Program provides its members with a 35% weekly commission, allowing them to earn incentives via referrals and partnerships, making it an appealing alternative for people interested in affiliate marketing in the gaming business.


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