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Apart from the Regular casino games available at JeetBuzz, where you can barely take chances to communicate with other players, there is an alternative version of playing your favorite casino card games – Live casino. JeetBuzz live casino welcomes Bangladeshi players with a wide range of games available. Moreover, in Live casino you will be accompanied by JeetBuzz live dealers always ready to help with your questions during the game.

For live casino games, choose JeetBuzz.

What Is a JeetBuzz Live Casino?

Live casino represents games that may be played with live dealers rather than a computer. The games are broadcast to you, and you play with a virtual dealer who deals cartoonish with oversized cards so that you can see the values.

We will tell you everything about the live casino on JeetBuzz.

Popular Live Casino Games

Below you can find the details of the most popular Live Casino games currently available for playing at JeetBuzz casino.

How to Play Live Casino Games with Welcome Bonus? 

Welcome Bonus at the casino is represented via a 25% cashback bonus available both for the casino and JeetBuzz table games section. With a JeetBuzz bonus, you can receive a 25% refund on your total losses on any casino and table game! Details on how to receive play live casino games with a Welcome bonus are given below: 

  1. Sign up JeetBuzz or Log in to your account at the casino.
  2. Go to the ‘Live’ subsection in the Casino section.
  3. Choose the game you are about to bet on.
  4. Apply a 25% cashback bonus on the deposit page while making your first deposit.
  5. Make a minimum deposit of BDT 500.
Select your preferred section on JeetBuzz to play live casino games.

Differences between Live Casino and a Regular Casino

The major difference between online casinos and Live casinos is that Regular casino games are not real, while live dealer games are based on actual events. A more detailed comparison is represented below:

  • Interactive games play. The gameplay in Live Casino is quite different as online players are more active and generally more interactive. Players who play Live Casino are typically the opposite and more feel-based as opposed to maths-based.
  • Immersive reality. There are casino tables in Live Casino that use a special camera to create virtual reality such as the high definition Immersive card games. It brings you even closer to the real casino experience as you can see the ball at close range and in slow motion until it stops. You can see a lot more hands per hour online as you can play multiple tables and the cards are dealt out much faster.
  • Higher games’ extension. Speaking about Regular casinos, the clarity of the game process mainly depends on the type of software the online casino is using which can be considered as a more stable system rather than the high-speed internet connection required to enjoy live casino mode.
Find out the difference between a casino and a live casino on JeetBuzz.

JeetBuzz Live Casino Pros & Cons 

✅ If you need to ask for help during the game you can always send a quick text in a live chat to a live dealer❌ You can be withdrawn from live casino games in terms of impolite behavior despite the deposits you made
✅ You can choose a live dealer by language and nationality you prefer❌ Cryptocurrency payment method is not accepted during live casino
✅ You can interact with another player on the professional topic indeed


Do JeetBuzz live casino accept deposits in BDT?

Yes it does. JeetBuzz is targeted to the Bangladeshi market and for that reason all payments can be proceeded directly in BDT.

How secure are Live casinos?

Live casino games’ security mainly depends on the security of the gambling platform – JeetBuzz. In that term, JeetBuzz Team can assure your data is safe due to the software system used by JeetBuzz casino that protects all the user’s data in 256-bit encryption on MacAfee.

Can I play Live Slots and Fishing games at JeetBuzz casino?

No, unfortunately, you can not.


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